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My name is Eden and I am 13 years old. Some of my hobbies are reading and writing and because of this i am giving kids of all ages the opportunity to publish their short stories or poems on my site. I know we all have vivid imaginations so share it in thewritekids club.

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Finally you get to share your creative stories with kids from all over. send me a copy of your short story or poem by emailing me at easfried@yahoo.com. remember to include a title, the author ( if a parent or guardian approves) and of course the story!! i cant wait to read it!


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Our site is so young yet we already have great new options and stuff to read. Please check out our whats new page! We have a great new contest called HAIKU FOR YOU. We also have new quotes of the month. Be sure to go to the whats new page to get all of the rules and information you need to compete in the poetry contes. Remember that the due date for the entries is 4/24/06, so get writing!!!


http://www.amazing-kids.org/ is another sit just like ours!!! Please take the time to look at it.

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 ***Be sure to visit a great site where kids can get their stories published in a newsletter and compete in several different writing contests!! click here www.kidswrite.istemp.com  if you would like to visit yales great site.

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The guest book allows me to read your comments and concerns for our club. It also gives me an opportunity to get to know our club members better. Please take the time to adress me with any concerns or comments you may have by signing the guest book. Thanks again.